Find CBD Products in a Relaxed Environment

Check out Boise, ID's favorite CBD store

Are you looking for a reputable source for CBD products? Happy Life CBD is a locally owned and operated CBD store in Boise, ID. Our passion for wellness and our love for our community led us to start this business.

CBD products are legal in Boise, ID for anyone 18 years or older. However, we welcome guests of all ages. Those who are younger can enjoy CBD-free bubble tea.

3 reasons to shop at our CBD store

Our CBD products are...

  • Local: All the hemp from our vendors is grown in the Northwest.
  • Legal: Our products contain no detectable THC and are legal in Idaho.
  • Lab-tested: We offer carefully sourced and verified products that are proven with certified lab testing.

We don't just sell these products-we have a thorough understanding of them. To learn more about the effects CBD tinctures and topicals can have on your well-being, please visit our shop in Boise, ID.

Bubble tea like you've never had it before

After you pick up one of our CBD tinctures, stop in at our bubble tea bar for some boba milk tea. You can get this popular drink in a wide range of mix-and-match flavors. Guests over the age of 18 can request a CBD shot for their bubble tea.

In keeping with our practice to support the local community, our boba milk tea is seasoned with Idaho local honey.