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Your Source For Quality CBD and Delicious Bubble Tea

Your Source For Quality CBD and Delicious Bubble Tea

Your Source For Quality CBD and Delicious Bubble TeaYour Source For Quality CBD and Delicious Bubble Tea

About Our Products



Tinctures, an oil dropper under the tongue, are probably the most popular way for taking CBD. Tinctures can provide quick absorption and great bio-availability when it comes to CBD. Take your tincture sublingual and wait for at least 20 seconds before swallowing for best results. Building CBD up in your system by taking it daily can provide better results than using it on an as-needed basis. 



CBD Topicals are a great way to target localized pain. If you are struggling with aches, pains, tension, soreness, stiffness, or any kind of discomfort, applying CBD over the affected area may provide relief for many individuals. We have different formulations to choose from. Some are great for skin issues as well as pain relief, while others have a strong icy hot feeling to take the edge off right away. 



Edibles are great for a couple different reasons. If you are looking for something you can take quickly or on the go, then edibles in the form of gummies, chocolates, or even drinks may be for you. For many, edibles are the easiest way to take CBD daily or as needed. We carry many flavors and varieties of different edible products, come check them out! (Vegan options available)


Pet Products

That's right! We carry products for our furry family too. Our pets also have an endocannabinoid system in their bodies, so they can benefit from CBD just like us. Things like anxiety and phobias, joint problems, arthritis, chronic inflammation, nausea, or even skin allergies are reasons people are seeking CBD for their pets. 


Vape Products

Inhaling CBD is another option, which provides the fasted delivery method. An additional benefit of vaping your CBD is that it can help quit nicotine or other harmful drugs by helping with cravings. You can buy vape juice to mix with and or replace your nicotine juice, or you can buy a rechargeable or disposable pen that is ready to go. Vape goods aren't for everyone, if you have any type of lung disease, congestion, or anything that is aggravated by inhalation of smoke or vapor, then maybe vaping your CBD isn't the best for you.


Why Happy Life CBD?

Here at Happy Life CBD we make sure every product we carry is high quality. We've taken the extra steps needed to verify all of our products are 100% THC free and accurate to the advertised CBD. We pride ourselves on helping people find the best products for their needs. We love talking to our customers and answering any questions you may have. We have a large selection of CBD products for you to look at and pick the best option for you. We make amazing Bubble Tea if you are wanting a sweet drink with or without CBD!!


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